Water coloring was always a mystery for me. May my drawing teacher in school to be blamed. He was almost drunk before our weekly drawing classes and hence never bothered to teach anything about water and colors.

At the mid of my life, just decided to explore what it is. Just tried painting from an inspiration figure from an internet picture that was monochrome.

Here I have a concept hidden in this picture. The female power is depicted with color Red and male with White. This is true both physically and spiritually to my knowledge. And joining of these two powers cause celebration and the coldness of male (blue) and heat of female (yellow) are the result of their dance.

I tried to make a artist sign for myself just like my son, but yet to improve.

If you like , please leave a comment. Thank you.
Interested to get started with Water color paintings? Below items could be good enough. Please note that the consumables listed below are less expensive, but the tools like palette and brushes are of artist quality. It is wise to invest on tools as they are going to stay for a while with you.