A remote control vehicle assembled by KPS and test driven by a lovely primary school girl during the workshop

Nathan wanted to learn about robotics and I enrolled him for an introductory workshop in Bangalore. But somehow his school schedule changed and he couldn’t make it to the class.

In his place I went to the workshop thinking to learn and pass on the knowledge. I was the only child above 40 years of age by the way!!

It was an amazing experience for me and it very well align with what I used to dream once upon a time. A good combination of hardware- software-design-science-mathematics. Making an Android mobile app could never been so easy that too immediately tested with a robot as a remote controller!!

I will seriously recommend this sort of workshops to any parent who wants to make their child ready for the future world. It can be gift for a child to activate both part of his/her brain.

QTPI is the provider of this training and I am happy to know that they are making all materials for learning kit in Bangalore (no made in China items). The kit will be available in the market to buy from new year onwards.