We keep dominating either a male or female part of our self. When I depend only on my brain and have no respect for feelings from heart it is very clear that I suppress the female. Same way when desires pull apart from the standstill mind of mine it is disturbing the male inside.

Life is for me a chain of stories orchestrated by the breath which keeps changing its center of focus between these two male-female powers. All spiritual practices directly or indirectly focus on these breath changes.

It surely leads to the development of humankind when they are able to balance between these two; and same time all our destruction and ruins were the result of inclining towards one of this and ignoring the other part.

The following art I tried today is a gift to Sreeba whom I owe a lot as a husband but more than than the relationship it is her dominance of Shakthi in my life which is essential to evolve mutually.

Thank you dear and wish you a very happy birthday.