Art of Living is taught in Ashrams but how many of us could see a person teaching the Art of Dying that too using his own life as an example. I feel blessed to witness how Guru Maniyettan very often chose to leave his body and returned back when we all refused to lose him. But now most of us are matured enough to let him go and he has decided finally to attain it. 3 days ago on Karthika Pournami he sat on continuous Pranayama and today he breathed last.

We don’t need to keep his body in a freezer for the rituals tomorrow. Because his body is as fresh as it was in the morning and it will continue to stay so. This is the best example for all the Sidha Vidhyarthi’s to refer as a goal for the practice. Thank God for living and teaching us through such a great Guru. May his soul be with all the mankind to handhold them in the path of self realization