Artist Kathir, is a friend of mine, I knew his talent while studying together in College. I still remember a poster he drew with pencil with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator movie, we all friends saw it like a master piece of our time. After finishing the studies we all flew in different directions and I totally out of the touch with this art genius.

By God’s grace, Kathir himself connected back with me through social network. It was not too late for me… just 25 years!! But this lovely friend of mine came to me with a beautiful gift of his art work in which I could see my own face. Though he spent his only two hours of time, for me its worth of a lifetime. He drew it with so much of passion and love.

My prayers to Lord Karthikeya is to keep this Artist happy and healthy for long time to come. May time bless him with the fame and prosperity that he deserve (he never bothered to go behind so far).

Since Kathir doesn’t keep a portfolio for his beautiful works, I took the responsibility to collect them from our friends circle and post them into a portfolio.

Here is the link to access it in Pinterest.