In the year 2019, I was teaching couple of small children in the relatives circle how to do gardening activies. I gave the small ones a plant called 10’o clock flower that starts blossoming the very next day morning. Children were really excited and they wanted to continue practicing at their home too.

Two young children among our relatives learning some garden activities

To my shock the comments at their homes were like the following:

“working in soil is not hiegenic, stop this nonsense, wash your feet immediately”

“go study your school books, don’t end up as a farmer in the future”

Despite all the opposition, a son in our relations who learnt several organic farming techniques in a week time from me was so determined and produced several vegetables in couple of raised beds that he alone built at his home months ago.

It was a blessing moment for me when he called and excitedly explained how he achieved. I am satisfied that another seed is planted in the garden of next generation that learnt how to produce food for their family.

I believe that children will be least stressed during pandemic/ lockdown situations if they are allowed to perform garden activities. It will also help them build natural immunity also.