Khus Root (வெட்டிவேர் / രാമച്ചം) is a medicinal and a very fragrant grass. We have grown a big bush of it in Kadankode house garden but could never use the root of the grass as it is hard to dig.

The fragrance of its root is not describable through words, its a waste of effort just like Swamyjis of the world trying to explain the nature of God to the devotees!

I want to reproduce this grass at Kalaalayam Farm and also make little quantity of oil from its root that can be used for our soaps making next time.

My idea was to grow it in a PVC pipe instead of planting on direct land. This way the roots can travel longer and I can still take them out easily. It really grown very well and I am now hesitating to break it.

If I plant this grass more around the Meenvalathi pond and Gangamayi well, it can work like a water purifier too. Let me think it through.