Today I don’t want to cook, feeling like having some fruits. Checked and found some banana that is ripe right for today. Thank you dear Maa Annapoorneswari.

Many neighboring farmers criticized and many visitors to our farm felt sad about our banana plot. It is true that I didn’t put proper efforts to maintain it, water them regularly etc. But none of the trees fell down in extreme winds in last one year plus.

I realize this strength came to them as their roots did hard work for searching water while reducing growth outward. They might look poor but they are stronger.

Also the taste of each variety of banana here is far comparable with what we buy from market or even organic shops. Only those tasted it can endorse. The sticky and sugary quality of banana show the potency of prana shakthi (life force) in it.

I am not saying that I will not maintain these but this experience taught me a lesson which gave me a confidence to reproduce these banana roots in other plots as they can survive any harsh weather and water.