We planted Turmeric (மஞ்சள்/മഞ്ഞൾ) last monsoon for a trial. It was successful in one plot and failed in another plot. However what we got is more than what we need.

Around 30kg of turmeric we boiled, dried and powdered.To preserve the aroma, we followed an old technique that village people taught us.

We added just a handful desi cow dung to the water while boiling the turmeric.This gets separated while drying but some how helps the turmeric to hold its aroma for longtime.

Final product was of 6kg; we will sell 50% of it to those friends who already asked us. Some portion we planned for making Sindhooram (Kumkum).

Below is a photograph of turmeric powder ground recently, yet to reach the farm. I liked Nathan taking this photograph with an idea of keeping a leaf next to turmeric powder. But it is not a Turmeric plant leaf! its from Arrow root plant! Anyway it’s a good thought.

Turmeric processed for preservation