Bheem is the first lovely puppy born on 10th November 2018 to Jambavathy our pet at Palakkad home as a premature one, his womb mate was dead when born, and he had the privilege to drink his mother milk all alone.

The pink nose and white hair all over with black patches on them is what his description. Neighbors envied to see both dogs have human nature and two of them made a request to hand them over a puppy to them if our dog yields in future.

OK coming back to puppy, we were all so happy when he closed his eyes for the first day and walked to see the bowl of cow milk to drink so hungrily.

The way Bheem was sleeping, reminded us that our neighbors were right saying that he is human. When I see this photograph of him sleeping when he was a month old, I keep wondering why humans are taking birth as dogs at our home and also at my parents place.

Bheem is the name we gave him unknowingly and he proved that he is nothing less than the Giant Bheem of Mahabharatha who is said to eat a lot and digest quickly. This little puppy was eating a lot to his size and takes a short brief naps to digest and chase us for next bowl of food. The way he used to wait while we cooked for both him and his mother Jambavathy is so memorable.

Sameway I wonder more to see how dogs are born as human beings all over this society, otherwise why they stand at streets all the time and watch people, and bark when a stranger like me pass them through? And many of them have seen me passing through everyday and still I am stranger to them!! Oh my…

His favorite place to sleep is his mother’s lap and sometimes Nathan’s school shoe too. Maybe he liked the warmth of the leather shoe as he was finding it similar to his mothers’. Or maybe he doesn’t want to see the light which could have scared him in the first month of his life.

Second month onwards he was more energetic, running all over the places, eating all his and his mother’s food, playing with his mother, working with us in the garden (yes, he digs the soil just next while we dig for planting!!). His favorite pit was his camp in the evening which his mother Jambavathy uses if she feels emotional somedays. Here is a video of Bheem playing like a tiger with his mother.

He left us in an accident on 31st January 2019, but we are pretty sure that he deserves a better form for him maybe a human body now born somewhere. He was a very short story for us in our life.

Nathan was very sad weeping alone in the backyard of our home as he was carrying Bheem when it left its last breath, Nathan was continuously trying to wake him up it seems. KPS has had no chance to salute this small wonder as he was out of station, here is the only picture he saw when came back. He was not sad, but he said it is a short and beautiful experience that we can remember as part of our own story and hence he wanted to put it in words and pictures to remember for a while.

Thank you mother nature, to take a tiny form and jump around us, letting us observe and learn so many secrets of this miracle which is simply called as LIFE by ignorant people like us everyday.

Even if we pay you with all our earnings and savings, you cannot give back the charm in that little form which stopped breathing, barking, following and waiting for his food just next to the stove while us cooking.

It is a unique play you offered us, thank you, we appreciate the beauty in it.