I always wonder about babies and their actions, especially their sleep. What makes them smile and even cry sometime? it is not merely dreams they see.

As per modern medical science, sleeping most of the day make the baby’s brain grow; as per spiritual philosophy, baby is in deep meditation with less frequent thoughts in his mind; indeed both statements are true. The baby’s brain is fresh with not much information filled in, this makes the baby experiences the state of meditation. This causes the proper energy flow in baby’s whole body which in turns converts that energy into every fresh cell of it.

When human body aligns itself with the nature, it is in easy state of living. ‘Dis’ease gets developed only when we violate the nature. Easiness leads to happiness and Disease takes to negativity like unhappiness, pain, angry etc. Baby tries to reduce his pains during sleeping and it makes a great cause for happiness after a relief in every part of refreshing of cells. With serial phases of energy flow from in and out of body, baby visits every extents of happiness possible through meditation.

Only question left in my mind now is why we all lost this capability of reducing pains and building energy in us by ourselves just like how we did during childhood. It is due to our mindset that we are grown up! and no more a child! Alas!