A Faquir had a blanket; it was stolen by a thief. The Faquir went and gave a long list of the stolen property to the police next door.

He said he had lost

  • his quilt, his cushion
  • his umbrella
  • his trousers
  • his coat 

and so on.

Enraged by the very length of the list, the thief came and threw the blanket before the police officer and said: “This is all. One little wretched blanket, and the man has come and counted all the things of the world!”

The Faquir hastily taking up his blanket was about to leave the place, when the police officer wanted to rebuke him for a false report! “No! No I” said the Faquir, and proved that this one blanket was his quilt, his cushion, his umbrella, his trousers, his coat, and so on, and he demonstrated its uses to him in all these ways.

To the Faqirs and Saints, it is One God that is their everything.

– Swamy Rama Thirtha