Last weekend, I was waiting in an international school reception for my wife to finish her interview. While getting bored with browsing the magazines, I started observing the people around. Here are some I noticed:

  • One pretty girl of my son’s age was waiting just like me for an hour for her mother to come back and pickup after school. Girl’s amazing smile on that charming face really attracted me but sametime it really shocked me the gesture of the mother. No smile… no love on face… no jeevan… no life. I don’t know what makes an adult to skip a childs charm, it really doesn’t cost anything and not even a fraction of their time.
  • Another boy staying in the hostel was brought by the care taker to be handed to his mother to go home over weekend. This mother was looking good with make up… but to her eyes the boy was almost invisible. Even the boy had no energy to wave and smile. He was just carrying a bag… probably with his dirty clothes in.. don’t know just behind his mother. She was walking so energetic like a model without even caring for the dragging poor boy behind.

I was feeling so hopeless how these relationships have become these days. Where is the love of mothers gone? who has taken it away?

But to give me hope, my son told me about our dog which ran out of the house compound when I left for Bangalore. It seems it was waiting in the corner of the street for three hours and it didn’t eat food in the night. I remembered an incident of this dog showing so much of tears when the family was leaving for abroad last year. There is so much of love inside which she can’t really express like us but she is better than any human relationship.

Another mother I could meet in an ashram, she is a cow brought from Gujarath. She started really crying when she saw me during my second visit to the ashram, that was a true emotion! In the photograph on right side, you can see the tears flowing so much on her face. We couldn’t really stop it but try to compensate with feeding some green grass (she doesn’t eat dried straw).

Lesson learnt:

The love is still alive in this society, only condition that I should stop searching it in human beings who have evolved from animals. I should look up to the animals around us who still are same as old generation.. natural with emotions and love. They are not yet spoiled by our social systems such as education and family formalities.