My new year resolutions are very simple this year, below is a visual presentation of them 🙂

Some rationale behind:

  • Spiritual truths were all experienced and shared by great minds over centuries. They all had few qualifying criteria to choose right people to distribute. Somehow the books and media help common public to violate and acquire the knowledge and techniques without a real guide. One such criteria is disinclination from the systems in search of the truth. If a person is happy without spiritual knowledge, leave him/her just the same state.. it is better that way.
  • The news in the media today is manipulate and even faked by rich class to confuse the middle and low class in the society. They achieve power through this constant exploitation; it also help the rich criminals to escape punishments at the cost of an innocent who did only one mistake…”buying a television or a news paper”.
  • The so called popular music of our age is the culprit of making so many of our children very dumb. It kills the very sensitive brain cells of our children who were born to make this world and human kind better. Alas!! we don’t let them 🙁 we in fact systematically program their brain cells to listen only a set of repeated music notes leaving major portion of the brain going waste.