While watching the most important creation of our universe ‘SUN’ I realised one thing in life today… “even the most important being without which we none can live on this planet doesn’t seem as big as it is actually to anybody’s eyes, many people don’t even notice it a moment in a day… Well, some people talk about SUN… that too about its harsh light and heat because it affects them!! They don’t know the beauty of a soft yellow, orange, red SUN and the warmth he gives, the food that actually comes out of his rays to the plants and finally to us… and even our hunger and digestion are actually happening due to SUN light!”

What an irony?

By the way, it applies to all great souls in this world, none of them are appreciated and noticed for their greatness, they all get blamed for their anger and arrogance which are like blessed natural gifts to these souls. Only dumb people who go expose themselves get hurt, others who hide from it are saved.