April 14th is New year for Keralites, its called Vishu. Usually the previous evening, fruits are kept at the pooja room and very early morning parents walk the children (with children’s eyes closed) to the pooja room so that when they open eyes on the first day of the year they see all possible gifts of life that shall pour for rest of the year.

Couple of years ago we took a decision not to buy any items for celebrating Vishu like this. We would keep only those fruits, vegetables, flowers that nature gave us in our garden including the water from our well. And we pray that it should continue to grow year on year.

To tell you the truth, the items kept for Vishu ritual kept on increasing for us every year. Nature’s grace kept us happy every day of the year as far as food is concerned. That’s the reason why we put more hard work to pay back our thanks to the nature.

This year was our first new year in the farm and the photograph shows how we decorated the items collected.