Now I realize the following important lessons of life:

  1. Land is not our property, indeed it is the opposite, land owns us just like any other species living temporarily on it.
  2. Same applies to other elements like water, air, light/fire etc. Everything what we need to live can’t be possessed by us. We can only use them.
  3. Other living beings we meet in our life span are somehow related to us positively or negatively. We can’t posses them too.
  4. We inherit our race, religion, caste and family fame etc. We didn’t earn them, hence we can’t posses them as our own. It’s a shame if we do.
  5. Education, Art, Science, Technology everything that we learn and practice are actually originated from wise men from the past.

Just by reading and scoring we assume that we own those meaningless credentials. If we leave those subjects for years, we can’t remember most of it; so where is the question of owning them as ours.

So what we really can own and be proud of is only our “own self”. If we are close to our self we are far from others. If we get close to others we go far from our self.